New Earth ~ Changes

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A colorful rendering on the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now... An interesting focus :)  10”x8” Acrylic on Board 1/18/21

We witness together the shifting tide of consciousness, fear and upheaval are the current stream of awareness on our planet. Today we ask, “What if we all set aside our differences and met on the shores of knowledge?”  It’s tempting to visualize the shift of the ages resolved so quickly but we are getting ahead of ourselves. We are experiencing a great purging that will continue on for a long while within the collective and the individual self. While banishing the outdated programs waiting for the reoriented recalibration templates to arrive we need to remember kindness and compassion in all ways of being for ourself and others. This new earth won’t be built in a day...The arising energy cascades with universal truths to be shared by ALL  <3

Art is original and copyrighted email me if you are interested in reproduction or purchasing.

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