New Earth ~ Underground

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8”x6” Acrylic on Board 1/15/21

From the depths of the divine we see the threshold of light. “In my experience I AM GLORY expressing in the underground of my desire.” A spark, a flame, a torch create the bonfire in my reality. Time is but a distant friend as the realization I am doing this all over again. I have been here before in this cavernous abyss watching and waiting but this moment feels, seems different. I have befriended myself in this space of knowing and am in love with the visions I create in my minds eye, it doesn’t matter if they are real or imagined they have come to life for me in living color.”

Flowing within a new potential we have been offered an DO OVER...Remember this energy it’s a piece of cake we have shared and eaten before but this time let's savor every tantalizing bite :)    

abstract art channeled I AM newearth

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