Exposed For All of Eternity

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Mother’s Light, Father’s Love SHINES Exposed For All of Eternity

“The Shine” 12” x 12” Acrylic & Minerals on Board 

Arising from the very depths of Earth’s core SHE COMES ordained in her finery. The air moves surrounding her as the waters part and she steps onto hollow ground. For the first time since she was banned from the garden she feels at home. Remembering always reminded she is the Divine Light cycling through the all of creation to see herself more clearly. The mother, the daughter, the crone, a magnificent specimen for all to uphold. SISTERS AND BROTHERS rise up, release on to thee the LIGHT for it is here to be and stay in this golden age of Aquarius. Beholden we are unto the dark for now clearly we see it’s relevance in the shadows...offering the newness we seek as creation begets creation and the spiral of life has no end. Eternity has spoken and she/he is our friend. 

Painting Transmission

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