Crystalline Convergence Sedona, Arizona ~ Connectivity

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This piece was painted in totality for the Crystalline Convergence participants to share. That means, 151 pieces of 4” x 4” square panels were put together to create art that was then dismantled to give to each attendee. The message that came with this journey is precious and relevant for anyone who is interested.

I offer you a visual diorama of the endless possibilities for connection to source...Whether you are a dot, a dash, or a line, individually you create a mark in the fabric of time. Categorically speaking our true identity stems from the internal view of life’s coincidences :) We feel the God presence amidst us but have yet to claim it’s full potentiality within. RISE UP past the ashes of the old and embrace the newness found in your awareness. Connectivity is birthed in resonate “oneness”. You know the multidimensional ONE housed in this human form.

Divinity is knocking! Will you opened the door and answer her call? Today dictates ANEW energetic rising on your planet that enables others to tenderly care for their own garden of truths, what we would call sovereignty. The keys to the kingdom are in your hands, go create in loving abandon with ALL-THAT-YOU-ARE.

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