New Earth ~ Growth

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Light Portals Blog Post. An insightful rendering for the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now...10”x 8” Acrylic on Board

We don’t feel the same. Unfortunately it’s been a bumpy start to a new year for everyone as the transition from what was begins to show what is. Culmination of past events are no longer sourced with our energetic currency as we define the new versions of self. Who said this would be easy, my guess I was looking for a way out...How about you?  

Awakening to a new individuality of self is oftentimes scary, but that’s exactly what’s happening. To say we aren’t aware of the circumstances of our birth wouldn’t be true. On some level each one of us is astutely aware of the fountain of youth that flows from within, we might not have tapped into it’s source but can feel it’s life force flowing in our veins. Humans are here on earth for reasons of our own choosing, as life moves forward dancing to it’s own rhythm and beat reawakening us to a new existence. Essentially self planted in the luminous soil of the soul gracefully growing into the light of another day. We are not alone in this cosmic future.  <3

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