New Earth ~ Perfection

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Light Portals Blog Post. An insightful rendering for the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now...10”x 8” Acrylic on Board

What REALLY goes on here in this earth plane? We really want to know don’t we, unfortunately for us we all perceive our experiences here differently. In fact, very distinctly with our energy signatures animating our unique expression. Just for today can we drop the illusions of perfection created by our egoic mind and embrace our universal divine nature that knows without a shadow of a doubt there is imperfection in the mastery of magnificence we seek. Our souls know this to be true, allow this knowledge to carry you today, always and forever. We are the enchanted ones consciously living to carry only celebration and joy, it is intrinsic to the love vibration. Our worlds collide in the faith of this knowing.  <3


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