Commissioned SoulScape Paintings

your soul painting

The premise of this work is a new spirit-based practice that taps into the energetics of color.  Your SoulScape painting is transmitted as a living library animating in a holographic field and translated allowing you access to an expansive unlimited view of your Soul-Self. This opens a new dialogue that activates harmonic keys to support and inspire you at this time on Earth.

Tarver taps into the metaphysical field intuitively painting abstract imagery that pertains to your essence. This work comes forward with assistance from angelic, elemental, and other realms of existence. You receive the original 12×12 painting on wood panel with inscriptions on the back for further activation.

As an optional add-on, you can choose to have a Soullegory reading with Arden Reece, Color Oracle. Your Soullegory is a story of your soul and what Spirit wants you to know at this time. In a private online session, you'll spend 1 hour with Arden listening to your soul's story as shown to her and will be able to ask questions for further clarification.

 With Arden's visionary process and Tarver's unique artistry, they weave together threads of your soul's message with the language of colored light. Together they unite to create a vibrational pathway of self exploration, a divinely inspired color causeway that energetically supports and grounds you with your Soul purpose.  Get your commissioned SoulScape now.