LibertyTown Arts September 2021

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Alchemical Cube” 4x4x4 Wooden Block Acrylic, Minerals & Gold Leaf 

I had the opportunity to work on this fun project for September’s Show at LibertyTown Arts and found myself immensely enjoying the entire process. My cube represents our currency as humans to tap into the codes of freedom. These codes are an energetic resource harnessing the elemental forces of creation, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Assisting with the alchemical process is wood for grounding and an echo of spiritual enlightenment from the ethos. Intuitive information painted and compiled on the individual elements is listed below :) each is a face/individual expression of my cube.

Exploration into the unknown with elemental helpers has always been the avenue to explore...Ancient history rewrites itself into a new earth reality where love of self is pivotal to unlocking this mystery.
You are the key.

In and out a quality of breath animating our physical structure allowing our divine self to assist us in the here and now. There is no need to struggle, manage oneself only through the winds of constant change. Learn to drift with all that is.
Embrace change to animate in a new way.

Heated with desire focused on the flame of ingenuity our integrated selves find solace in the movement of the physical body. Smoldering fires erupt to burn away the dross collected over eons.
A purposeful opportunity for a clean slate to rebuild.

Waves of precise knowing blanket your awareness as emotions gurgle freely unlocking more of who you have hidden in the depths of your own consciousness. 
Allow this to integrate today.

New growth spurts from the seeds planted in your awareness expanding light in the darkness...Authorizing knowledge, wisdom and happiness. We bear witness to an alchemical byproduct of freedom dissolving fear.
Gather now and sow to your hearts desires.

Eros impulses passion manifesting our physical desires. 
Love thyself like no other. Mental, physical and emotional bodies unite.

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