New Earth ~ Eschatology

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An insightful rendering on the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now...10”x8” Acrylic on Board 1/25/21

One by one we clarify our purpose here with no reference to the past for it has evaporated into the flame of forever to be breathed into our eternal NOW...We gasp choking on it’s relevant potency clearing a natural passageway for our divinity to shine even brighter. Yes, radiant from the inside out we move directionally towards the light. As conscious seeders we plant in the dark luminous soil of our souls to bring forth an inspired uniqueness of OUR Holy Spirit as inscribed, carved into the recesses of the minds eye. We all share the divine essence of universal vitality flowering into true potential. <3


Art is original and copyrighted email me if you are interested in reproduction or purchasing.

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