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An insightful rendering on the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now...10”x8” Acrylic on Board

Exercising our birthright to build castles in the sky :) Erecting a temple of light to house this earthly body takes time and patience, as they say Rome wasn’t build in a day.  What was built in our past experience no longer fits into this here and now. Like shoes that are to small, they cramp our style.

In this moment of reckoning we begin to expand how we think. What we presume to be true shifts into the real truth as we now know it. Acknowledging this fact makes it easier for all of us to find common ground and erect a infrastructure for our own consciousness to grasp. We aren’t merging into one mind in fact the opposite is true.

Feel into this idea...We came here to this beautiful planet to see how many variations we could explore within our own individual self to establish new gateways for light. Yes, they all merge to one central source but our reconnection to WHAT IS will always be in a flux, dynamic and coherent maneuvering us away from WHAT WAS into WHAT IS AGAIN and AGAIN. What we think of our past and our future meld into this now moment of BEING :) It’s a tongue twister or mind bender for sure. <3

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