New Earth ~ Commandeer

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Light Portals Blog Post. An insightful rendering for the rebirth and rejuvenation of our collective energy, now...10”x 8” Acrylic on Board

I takes courage to commandeer a light ship or otherwise...If not done properly it might as well be an empty vessel. Today we are wondering if the lights are on or off. Do we have what it takes to stand on the shores of divinity and be the beacon we promised we would? Navigating as the commodores of the Free World here on earth and beyond exploring our souls essence with rigorous abandon. Let’s turn off the auto pilot and take over the helm of this magnificent space craft maneuvering where our heart desires us to go. A new motto to abide by in this day and age might be JUST DO IT, there is no way in hell to get it wrong! Really? Really :)  <3


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